ACE Podcast – One Year Anniversary

ACE Podcast's 1 Year Anniversary

One year Anniversary

This week the Aged Care Enrichment, or ACE Podcast, is celebrating it’s one year anniversary! It’s been an exciting year full of fantastic guests, insightful interviews and thought-provoking topics.

A year of great guests

The show got off to a great start one year ago today, with a conversation with author and dementia advocate Christine Bryden. Following up the pilot, an initial season of 10 episodes covered a diverse range of from holistic care to new technologies. And after a great reception the podcast went weekly in January 2021 with season two.

But it didn’t take long for the ACE Podcast to hit it’s stride. With great topics like the royal commission, human rights in dementia care and ending ageism.


Lessons learnt on the ACE Podcast

Ash de Neef, host of the ACE Podcast reflected in a recent interview that it’s been a year full of learning.

It’s definitely changed how I view aged care. I came very fresh into this with a whole bunch of misconceptions and biases. And to have them slowly peeled away from me every week has been really fascinating.

It’s definitely made me think a lot differently about older adults and about the continuum of care. And also about the way that people just assume that once you hit a certain age, you can no longer do X, Y, and Z. And it’s all about what you lose instead of what you gain.

Celebrating in Style!

Like all anniversaries, this one needed a celebration. And with a little help from former guests, friends of the show and even a few special guests, they made it one to remember.

With more fantastic guests and a few surprises lined up, the ACE Podcast is looking toward the future. Listeners can expect a lot more from the ACE Podcast in the coming year.



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