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Starting an Aged Care Business - Colin Pudsey on Inside Ageing

Sharing our story

This month, Colin Pudsey, CEO of SilVR Adventures, featured in a guest post on Inside Ageing. And in this post Colin shared his experience of starting an aged care business. Beginning with an  initial idea, through trials. To launching a product, hiring a team. And finally taking VR to the world.
As a result, this article serves as documentation of a journey in progress. And as inspiration for those looking to build their own company.

A big business starts small

Like all great businesses, SilVR Adventures started with a problem to fix. And for us it was isolation and loneliness in residential aged care.

"Even pre-Covid, 50% of residents in care homes experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness. And this could be linked to increased risk of heart disease, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death."

Whilst there are many tools and resources for reducing loneliness, Colin had always been fascinated by innovation. And some early research revealed the potential of virtual reality in improving social connection.


Meeting the industry

But starting an aged care business is tricky. Because our  industry is in need of reform, and change happens slowly. So Colin set about making his connections, building a network and speaking to innovators.

Through industry events, pitching opportunities and also accelerator programs, Colin started making progress. And along the way these connections led us to develop a new platform – our podcast.

"The more meaningful connections I made, the more it became apparent that this was a community full of passionate individuals, inspiring leaders, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be shared. And that's why we started the Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – as a platform for learning and transfer of knowledge."

Our latest podcast episode features author and consultant Bradley Schurman. He reveals how demographic trends are changing the future of our ageing.

Put people first

But ultimately, Colin argues that at the heart of all great business decisions is care for the customer. And in the case of aged care, we are all the future customer.

"If you are an entrepreneur wanting to get into Age-Tech, then it’s an opportunity ripe landscape, for technologies and services built to improve the lives and wellbeing of ageing people and their caregivers. And consider this, if you are lucky enough to reach your eighties or nineties, what quality of care and life would you like to have?"

It’s clear Starting an aged care business is a long journey. And it takes hard work, creativity and above all else a desire to help those most vulnerable.

Finally, a special thanks to Inside Ageing for the feature. You can read the full article here.

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