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We’re committed to making high-tech virtual reality very simple and accessible.

Interaction and engagement level is flexible. Residents simply put on a headset and they’re immediately immersed into a new world and led through the experience by a team member.

Full training is provided to your team to run programmes through a tablet or laptop and ensure residents feel safe and comfortable. The VR headset(s) and tablet or laptop will be viewing the same experience, but each resident controls where they are looking within that experience.

We deliver a turnkey solution to your facility including hardware, exclusive software, continuously updated VR content library, training and ongoing support.

SilVR Adventures Experience


Professionally Produced

Partnerships & Licensing Agreements

VR-ready content

Access & Management

Content managed in background

Minimal WI-FI dependency

Exclusive software

Control & Compatibility

Third party control, lead the journey

Real-time view of experience

Supporting conversational prompts

VR Headsets

Immersive experience

Good for up to 10x participants

Configured for communal group sessions

What is included in a SilVR Adventures self-service solution?

SilVR Adventures primarily sells to aged care facilities and senior living communities. We provide everything required for facilities to run unlimited group virtual reality sessions including hardware, exclusive software, training and access to our library of VR content aimed to improve resident happiness and reduce isolation.

To discuss a one-off introductory session, incentives for multiple program bookings or bespoke program development opportunities please contact us via the contact page.

Do seniors and tech mix?

This is a common misconception and please consider the results of a survey by (not for profit) organization AARP;

  • 91 percent of those age 50+ use a computer
  • 94 percent of those age 50+ claim that technology helps them keep in touch with friends and family

Is the headset uncomfortable?

Of course not! SilVR Adventures uses the highest quality headsets, which are lightweight and remain cool during sessions. The straps can be adjusted to fit participants comfortably.

What if a participant is prone to motion sickness?

We make sure our content reduces the triggers of dizziness and motion sickness as much as possible (using stationary videos, high-quality experiences, high-quality hardware). It has been found that the more residents use VR, the more likely they are to ask for experiences that include motion.

Can seniors that are visually impaired participate?

Yes! Residents with poor vision can participate and have enjoyment during a SilVR Adventures session – even participants with macular degeneration. This is because when you’re wearing the headset, the lenses are only 2.5” from your eyes, so the display is quite close, even though the objects in the experience feel like they’re far.

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