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Travel the World

Connect with Peers

Socialise and Communicate

Enjoy a Movie Together

SilVR Adventures mission is to tackle isolation and loneliness among seniors, while helping to significantly drive social engagement through shared experiences in virtual reality.

We provide a turnkey solution that offers residents of care facilities the chance to chat, travel the world and even watch a classic movie with other residents, all in a virtual world.

More Connections, Less Barriers

Connect up to 40x participants together in a group experience, with no need to be in the same room or even the same city.

Embrace Diversity and Identity

Extensive library of 360° virtual tours & adventures around the world, to enable care teams to match experiences to resident’s identities and create something truly meaningful.


Overcome Isolation & Loneliness

Residents can be transported to our café or cinema and communicate freely with others in the session, with all participants represented by a life-like avatar.

Giving an Edge on Ageing

Trigger memories by revisiting a childhood home or wedding venue, and stimulate conversations and joy through music inspired reminiscence therapy.

Recent Surveys Show


of aged care residents will experience depression and isolation during their stay

Our VR based enrichment experiences aim to drive a


increase in aged care resident happiness

Together, we can fix this.

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