Transforming Aged Care: Hall & Prior’s Success with SilVR

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kylie Choong, the Senior Occupational Therapist for Hall & Prior at Karingal Green to discuss how their residents having been experiencing trips of a lifetime recently – without leaving the comfort of their chairs. This magnificent, state-of-the-art residential aged care home offers specialist care and wellbeing services, including dementia and Parkinson’s-specific care.

Kylie excitedly shared insights on Karingal Green’s Companions Program, through which residents spend one-on-one time with a staff member each week. This program aims to build stronger ties within the community, allowing residents to explore new (or revisit old) interests and share their history, culture, and passions. It’s an ideal platform for the aged care home’s new partnership with SilVR Adventures, which takes residents on virtual reality journeys that lead to reminiscence, hope, and a renewed sense of adventure.

Kylie emphasised the importance of truly knowing each person and building relationships. It was this insight and connection that allows the team to tailor experiences to each resident’s dreams, passions, and curiosities.

The Therapeutic Power of Immersive VR Reminiscence Therapy

Studies have shown that immersive VR reminiscence therapy can significantly reduce depressive symptoms immediately after the intervention in elderly patients with dementia and help maintain cognitive function over time. Taking a trip into the past and sharing experiences with others can help build and keep synapses in the brain strong, which is imperative as we age. [1]

In the past few months, the Companions Program, hand in hand with SilVR Adventures, has seen new residents ease into the community. Staff members encourage a stronger sense of belonging through activities tailored to various personalities and shared histories, as well as engagement in VR programs that generate such excitement among residents that they can’t help but encourage each other to join in.

One example of the power of virtual reality story involved the touching story of a resident, who had always dreamed of visiting the Eiffel Tower but never had the opportunity. Through SilVR Adventures, she was able to experience the breathtaking views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, bringing tears to her eyes and a renewed sense of wonder. This virtual trip sparked conversations among other residents about their travel dreams and memories, creating a lively atmosphere of shared experiences and bonding.

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The impact of VR on residents goes beyond mere entertainment. One of the most notable benefits has been the significant improvement in residents’ mental health and cognitive functions. The immersive nature of VR helps to stimulate memories and emotions, providing a powerful tool for therapy. Residents who were previously withdrawn or suffering from depression have shown remarkable improvements in their mood and engagement levels.

Hall & Prior’s staff have also noticed an improvement in behaviours among residents with dementia. The calming and engaging VR experiences offer a welcome distraction and provide residents with a sense of control and accomplishment. These moments of clarity and joy are invaluable and highlight the profound impact of VR therapy.

The success of the partnership at Karingal Green continues to demonstrate the potential of VR to transform aged care and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Team member running VR session

Hall & Prior care team member running a VR session with residents

“I’m excited about future possibilities, including incorporating more culturally diverse content and developing programs tailored to specific therapeutic needs,” said Kylie.

The companionship program at Hall & Prior, combined with SilVR Adventures’ VR solutions, is ensuring that residents continue to live lives filled with joy and contentment. “The innovative use of VR not only enriches the daily experiences of residents but also supports their mental and cognitive health, fostering a vibrant and supportive community,” said Kylie.

 “We’re not just caring for our residents; we’re enriching their lives and creating moments of magic every day.”

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