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SilVR Adventures is a best in class tool to reduce isolation and facilitate social connections.

In 2019, we began running guided communal virtual reality sessions that encourage social interaction for groups of seniors in care homes. We have taken 1000’s of seniors on group VR sessions at the facilities of some of the biggest aged-care providers in Australia. Residents responded so well that we developed a self-service solution for aged care providers to introduce their own in-house VR programmes with the flexibility to run sessions more frequently.

In 2020, at a time when meaningful social interactions for the elderly have become so difficult and with many seniors dealing with the most challenging period of isolation they have ever experienced, we took action to further innovate our service offering and launch our VR based enrichment experience and communication platform. This update comprises all new hardware and a diverse library of content, aimed at providing the most comfortable and immersive VR experiences for the elderly. Accommodating up to 40x participants together, they no longer need to be in the same room to share in a group experience, or even the same city. Ideal for bringing seniors and care teams together from facilities across the country.

With an ever-expanding range of content, we are empowering aged-care facilities to run sessions tailored to their residents needs and we are committed to continually evolving and innovating our solution to offer residents the most diverse range of meaningful activities that give them the edge on ageing.

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