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Comfortable and lightweight VR headsets - perfect for seniors

Best-in-class VR headsets

Pico all-in-one virtual reality headsets combine comfort and convenience with crystal-clear image quality. Foam padding and a lightweight design mean the headset is easy to wear. The all-PU leather facial interface and counterbalanced design allows for easy cleaning, bringing safety and comfort to older adults. Plus with no wires to get tangled up with, participants are never distracted from the experience. Simply put on the headset and be transported.​

No IT integration required

We offer a standalone VR solution that needs no integration with existing IT platforms. Simply connect to a WiFi network and get started. 

VR experiences can be initiated from almost any laptop, desktop or mobile device, allowing full control for carers.

Simple to store and maintain

Our headsets have a robust design and are simple to wipe down between uses, making them practical and hygienic for regular use.

Headsets come in a secure storage case that can be packed away and transported with ease. 

Hands-off maintenance 

Our remote management system means all software updates are carried out automatically with no user input required.

The system can also monitor battery health and notify us of any potential issues so we can step in and provide support if required.

Frequently asked questions

Headsets last 2-3 hours when fully charged so multiple sessions can be carried out before a charge is required.

All headsets can be charged in the storage case provided and via a single outlet.

Our high-quality VR headsets and tailored content mean that motion sickness and related issues are uncommon. 

For some participants a short adjustment period can be beneficial in helping them adapt to the virtual environment.

A care team member, carer or similar is required to initiate and supervise all virtual reality experiences, ensuring the safety of all participants.

All VR experiences are designed for seated participants to maximise comfort and security.

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