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Virtual reality experiences that make the extraordinary possible everyday

Virtual reality is a powerful and accessible technology with many applications in aged care: from supporting activities that delay the onset of dementia, to building stronger bonds between residents through shared experiences.

We work with aged care facilities, retirement living communities, hospitals, home care providers and beyond to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of seniors. 

Our innovative virtual reality solution is cost effective, simple to implement and maintain, and has already brought joy to thousands of seniors across Australia and New Zealand.  

Learn more about how we can improve care outcomes in your community.

Incredible experiences

Our comprehensive selection of VR content and activities empowers care teams to provide meaningful experiences that match their residents’ needs and identities.
Immersive virtual adventures

From a tour of the Vatican, to swimming with dolphins.

Socialise with friends and peers

Chat and share stories in our virtual cafe, or watch a classic movie in our virtual cinema.

Relive special memories

Revisit a childhood home, share personal family photos, or reminisce with music from bygone era, all in VR.

Why SilVR Adventures?

Over 50% of aged-care residents will experience depression or feelings of isolation during their stay. 

The link between loneliness and isolation with poor mental and physical health has been strongly associated.

  • Social isolation has been associated with 50% percent increased risk of dementia [1]
  • Lacking social connections can be as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day [2]
  • Loneliness can increase the risk of having a stroke or developing coronary heart disease by 30% [3]
It’s our mission to tackle this.

Our innovative group VR sessions build bonds through meaningful shared experiences. Connecting up to 40 people at once, participants from any location can join together for a unique experience in a virtual world. They don’t even have to be in the same room, or even the same city.

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Our VR solution helped to significantly drive social engagement among their residents.

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Our VR solution helped stimulate memories and shared stories among their residents.

Keeping the mind active and connecting with other people can reduce the risk of dementia and is hugely important for healthy ageing.

Experiences that evoke memories, encourage connections with others, and provide opportunities to learn new things are incredibly valuable. Plus regularly challenging ourselves mentally has been shown to build up the brain’s ability to cope with disease.

Our solution offers a range of mentally stimulating activities that are tailored specifically to seniors, including:

  • revisiting places from their past, such as a previous home, a wedding venue or a fondly remembered holiday destination
  • fulfilling an aspiration to see the Northern Lights, Uluru, or a religious pilgrimage 
  • using music and family photos to stimulate memories and share stories with others in a relaxing virtual environment.

Creating meaningful experiences for seniors that improve quality of life is at the core of what we do. We believe these are fundamental to living a happy and contented life.

Our group sessions foster happier, healthier communities by providing participants with more to look forward to and talk about.

Studies show that older adults who experience new places through VR are more likely to feel positive about their overall wellbeing and show fewer signs of depression. [5] We’ve shared in the joy of taking more than 2,000 seniors on virtual journeys and look forward to thousands more.

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“SilVR Adventures’ virtual reality headsets have given our residents the opportunity to put the restrictions of COVID-19 behind them and journey to the four corners of the earth. In fact, they can even swim with dolphins in the oceans, or ride to the moon and look down on our planet from space.

“What better way to have some fun and laughter than to travel the globe together with friends in the safety and comfort of your own home?”
Penny Stanley - Aged Care Manager
St Joseph’s Nursing Home Lismore

First-class comfort - Simple implementation

We use best-in-class VR headsets that are lightweight, comfortable and durable. With a crystal-clear 4k screen and ergonomic design, participants have no distraction from the wonder of the experience.

Our solution is a standalone system that requires no integration with existing platforms or input from IT. Simply connect to a computer, tablet or mobile device, and a WiFI network.

Training and support

We provide all the training and guidance your care team needs to deliver magical virtual reality sessions for seniors.

All headsets are provided with a warranty and we support our customers with an ongoing customer success program to ensure your team gets the most from SilVR Adventures.

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