VR in Asia: SilVR’s Singaporean Spotlight

VR in Asia - SilVR snags Singaporean spotlight

International Recognition

SilVR Adventures is the leading provider of Meaningful VR in Australia. With clients in five states of the country the and New Zealand, we’re proud to take thousands of senior Aussies and Kiwis on shared experiences each year. And while we focus on Australia, we keep an eye on the wider region.
That’s why we were thrilled to see the SilVR Adventures name being recognised in Asia this month.

Meaningful VR in Asia

We’re working closely with experts in Singapore, India and Japan through our podcast, the Aged Care Enrichment Podcast. And we’re excited that two Asia-based organisations highlighted our work improving the lives of older adults through virtual reality.

Innovating Eldercare

Firstly the 9th Annual Eldercare Innovation Awards just announced their finalists for 2021 – and they nominated SilVR Adventures! The ageing industry network Ageing Asia put together the awards and present them as part of the World Ageing Festival.

Each year the awards showcase global leaders in Eldercare innovation across a range of categories. And they feature SilVR Adventures in the Technology category for our award winning virtual reality solution.

But that’s not the only announcement this month…

SilVR Slingshots Ahead

Another exciting piece of recognition comes from the SLINGSHOT2021 Accelerator. The highly competitive program helps to launch promising international startups in Asia with investment, connections and other opportunities.

And despite over 10,000 entrants, they selected SilVR Adventures as one of the top 500 to progress to the next round.

So we’re delighted for the recognition for our work so far with older adults, and our potential to grow.

Ultimately with great recognition like this, it won’t be long before we’re delivering meaningful VR in Asia too!

VR in Asia - SilVR Slighshots Ahead

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