Virtual Reality 2.0 Solution – Taking the world to seniors

Virtual Reality 2.0 - Bringing the world to seniors

We launched our new VR solution.

We’re very excited today to announce that we launched our virtual reality 2.0 solution. It’s not just an upgrade of technology but also a dramatic expansion of what our service can do!

Our new solution combines cutting edge technology and a simple-to-use design so residents of aged care can access vast virtual worlds. Seniors can socialise, travel the world, and revisit special places or memories with their friends and families. In addition we can also connect residents who are geographically isolated. Which we know is so important during the pandemic.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our new features


Up to 40 users, anywhere in the world

Firstly, we can now take up to 40 participants, anywhere in the world on a shared virtual journey. And we’re proud to say that we’re the only aged care virtual reality provider in the world with this ability!

In other words, aged care residents from around the world can connect and interact with each other in the virtual space. Some of our partners are even building travel clubs, which connect residents from multiple facilities to share an adventure, and chat about it afterwards.

Reminiscence Therapy

Secondly we designed our new suite of reminiscence therapy tools to help residents connect with their identity. To do this we built in new features like personalised content, google maps integration and memory support. So you can tailor a virtual reality session to each person’s interests, stories and memories.

Immersive Content

But above all, we strive to create immersive virtual reality experiences. And they were designed for older adults of varying cognitive abilities. Furthermore our experiences are emotive and powerful thanks to stunning images, exciting videos, stirring music and re-assuring narration. Just take a look!

We’re excited to deliver more meaningful experiences to seniors through virtual reality. Contact the team today to schedule your online demo of our new virtual reality 2.0 solution. And let’s discuss a solution that suits your needs: [email protected] | 1300 192 552

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