Transforming workforce culture with technology and connection tools


Almost a third of comments posted on a brand’s social media are negative πŸ˜‘ But what happens when you share something that 𝘳𝘦𝘒𝘭𝘭𝘺 resonates with your followers?

Then your team members, carers, residents, family members and connections take notice, engage enthusiastically and express their ❀️

VR technology simulates the way we experience the real world, such as by simulating three-dimensional scenes using stereoscopic vision, which can make us feel like we are in a different world altogether, but a very realistic-feeling one.

Additionally, VR is designed to tap into the way our brains work each day, making it effective in creating an immersive experience that approximates reality.

With significant workforce challenges across the industry, embracing technology and enhancing connection among staff and recipients of care can be one of the best strategies for transforming workforce morale, attitudes and culture.

In 2022, a 12-month pilot in partnership with UnitingCare Queensland, proved hugely successfully across all KPIs, but most notablyΒ 86% of staff were holistically positive about how VR had helped improve their role with residents.

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