SilVR Adventures Brings Virtual Reality to Seniors in Singapore

SLEC staff with SilVR VR

St Luke’s ElderCare (SLEC), Singapore’s largest eldercare provider, will bring virtual reality to older adults with the purchase of VR equipment from SilVR Adventures.

Award-winning Melbourne company SilVR Adventures is a provider of turnkey VR solutions across care centre and community-based facilities, connecting up to thirty care recipients at once. Participants can immerse themselves in iconic locations around the world, places from their past or in social settings, where they can share memories, stories, and interaction to nurture relationships.

The technology aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of participants by encouraging social interaction, stimulating memories and sparking joy through vibrant, meaningful experiences.

SLEC’s spokesperson said: “As a healthcare service provider with over 25 senior care centres in Singapore, a nursing residence and active ageing centres, we are constantly innovating and equipping our premises with technology to support active ageing. 

“We believe introducing virtual reality to our elders will improve their mobility and train their cognitive abilities, and this is especially useful for those with dementia or at-risk of developing dementia.”

SilVR lands in SG


Research has shown that loneliness and isolation in later life contributes to poor wellbeing and significant health problems (1). VR can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, increase acceptance and effectiveness of treatment, and give participants the confidence to get involved by removing physical and mental barriers (2) (3). It also helps stimulate memories for people with dementia, reduce aggression and improve interactions with staff (4).

SilVR Adventures’ founder Colin Pudsey said SilVR Adventures was delighted to partner with St. Luke’s Eldercare in its first expansion into the Asia-Pacific.

“Loneliness, social isolation and cognitive decline among the elderly are growing global problems and we have proven results in improving quality of life through meaningful and shared virtual reality experiences,” Colin said. “It’s hugely exciting to be able to bring joy to thousands of older adults in Singapore and deliver experiences in local languages with the recent launch of our multi-language VR content solution.”



SilVR Adventures began in 2019, growing exponentially in ANZ during the COVID19 pandemic when lockdowns left elderly people more isolated than ever before. The company quickly adapted its technology to bring larger numbers of people together, no matter where they were.

SilVR Adventures was a winner in the Future of Ageing Awards 2020, a finalist in the InnovAgeing National Awards 2021 and Eldercare Innovation Awards 2021 and named one of 2021’s top 500 global start-ups. They have dementia-based research with Deakin University – supported by the Aged Care Research & Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA), and strategic partnerships with major organisations like Optus, Amazon Web Services and La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship. To learn more, visit:

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