Seniors Travel the World Virtually

Seniors Travel the world Virtually

We love helping seniors travel the world and have amazing experiences through virtual reality. And we’re thrilled that our hard work as been recognised with a feature article in Hospital + Healthcare! This article featured our work as part of their “Out & About” section, which focuses on what’s happening in the outside world. But we’re shaking up everyday, by bringing the outside world in!

As the article reports, our solution allows groups of seniors to take a journey together to a bucket list country or a special place from their childhood. And this is all possible with lightweight equipment, from the comfort of your armchair.

And it’s not just our love of seniors travel that excites us about virtual reality. It’s also the chance to reduce isolation and loneliness in some of society’s most vulnerable people. Because research has shown that the right VR program can dramatically reduce feelings of isolation and help stimulate memories. And it can even improve feelings of well-being in seniors. That means that a seniors travel trip isn’t such a frivolous idea after all!

For instance, some aged care providers we’ve been working with have also established Seniors Travel Clubs. These allow excited jet-setters to don a headset and go on an adventure with the friends and family.

Whatever your goal is with virtual reality, we’d love to chat about building a program for your seniors. For more info, email us today!

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