The Gifts Of Dementia With Judy Cornish

Judy Cornish

Learn about the DAWN method, a radically different approach to dementia care that helps people remain in their own homes for longer with creator, Judy Cornish. Understand how she helps people living with dementia and carers communicate in different ways.

Embracing Telehealth In Aged Care With Silvia Pfeiffer

Silvia Pfeiffer

Learn about the challenges and potential solutions to Telehealth adoption in residential aged care with Silvia Pfeiffer. Understand how Telehealth is being used and its potential to expand the capabilities of traditional Telehealth.

The Human Rights Of Older People – Andrew Byrnes

Andrew Byrnes

Learn about the importance of human rights in care for older adults with Emeritus Professor Andrew Byrnes and how an international treaty would positively impact carers and recipients around the world. Understand how it relates to findings from the last year’s Royal Commission.

Transitions In Later Life – With Jeff Hamaoui

Jeff Hamaoui

Explore the complexities of periods of transition, particularly in later life, with Jeff Hamaoui. Navigate engagement with aged care services and how to support the people around us with Jeff’s expert insights and experience.

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