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The Human Rights Of Older People – Andrew Byrnes


In our next episode, we’re delving into something that we’ve heard a lot about recently – human rights, and how despite our best intentions, the way we deliver care for older adults can ultimately result in infringements on their human rights.

Our guest is leading the push for the recognition of the rights of older people, both in Australia and through the United Nations.

Emeritus Professor Andrew Byrnes from the University of New South Wales joins us to talk about the importance of human rights, why we need a specific international treaty on the rights of older adults, and how it would positively impact carers and care recipients around the world.

Andrew is a great presenter who helps to interpret this complex legal topic, in real terms for people working in the industry, particularly with reference to the findings of last year’s Royal Commission.

As always you can hear Daniella and Maurie’s take and thoughts about these ideas in their show Who Cares? which is released every Friday.

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