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Transitions In Later Life – With Jeff Hamaoui


In next week’s episode, we’re looking at something that everybody goes through but is especially important to those in later life – periods of transition.

Whether it’s kids leaving home, the loss of a loved one or when people begin to engage with aged care services, they’re usually going through some sort of transition – and understanding more about what these periods look like, and how to navigate them is helpful not just for ourselves but also for the people we care for.

Helping us unpack this intricate topic is Jeff Hamaoui. Jeff, along with Chip Conley are Founding Partners of MEA, which was formerly known as the Modern Elder Academy.

Jeff is currently Head of Education and with the team at MEA, helps adults in their midlife and beyond prepare for the next stage of their lives, by exploring ideas of transitions, purpose and much more – you can have a look at their work in Australia at www.meax.com.au

As always you can hear Daniella and Maurie’s take and thoughts about these ideas in their show Who Cares? which is released every Friday.

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