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Restoring Capabilities With Music Therapy With Hayley Antipas


In next week’s episode (March 15), we have a friend returning to the show on the back of our recent Christmas catch-up. Music therapist and Founder of Attuned Health, Hayley Antipas joins the conversation to help us understand what music therapy is all about.

Host of the podcast Ash de Neef has been playing music for over 20 years and until this conversation, didn’t really get it, but Hayley does a fantastic job at explaining the clinical foundation of music and why it’s so much more than just entertainment.

Also, if you haven’t been tuning in regularly you might’ve missed our new show on Fridays called Who Cares? Where our friends Daniella and Moz pick apart some of the challenges to delivering great care and will be talking about this episode and the thought-provoking issues raised.

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