Taking Strides Towards A Better Future With Optus Future Makers 2022


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Clive Dickens (VP, Content & Product Dev.), Matt Williams (MD, Marketing & Revenue), Colin Pudsey (SilVR Adventures), Gladys Berejiklian (MD, Enterprise and Business), Helen Maisano (Director, Group Sustainability) and Andrew Buay (VP, Group Sustainability)

Optus, one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, has just announced the five finalists for its Future Makers programme in 2022. Future Makers empowers social innovators who are using technology for a social cause with the tools to kickstart or grow their business. The five finalists would have each developed an innovative technology solution to address challenges for disadvantaged or vulnerable people in the categories of connected health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability and supporting vulnerable communities. This year, one of the finalists is SilVR Adventures, where we use virtual reality (VR) technology to revolutionise the aged care industry.


About SilVR Adventures

SilVR Adventures has developed an innovative VR solution that addresses the challenges faced by older adults and their caregivers in the aged care industry. Our virtual reality experience allows older adults to travel in exciting virtual environments, such as the Taj Mahal or The Great Wall of China. This enriching activity promotes cognitive stimulation along with social and overall well-being. Caregivers will also be provided with the necessary training they need to facilitate this virtual therapy. 


Future Makers

The program is now in its sixth year and the shortlist was selected by a panel of judges which included both senior leaders from Optus and experts from the social enterprise and impact investment sector. The five finalists will take part in a three-month program made up of in-person workshops and webinars. Participants will also receive coaching from top talent and leaders at Optus and receive technology guidance and insights from industry experts.

At the completion of the program, each finalist will have access to a share of $200,000 in grant funding to help scale their solution. This funding will be a huge boost for SilVR Adventures, as it will allow us to continue to develop and improve our VR platform to further enrich the lives of older adults everywhere.



Technology is the great enabler and will continue to play a crucial role in meeting and overcoming both the environmental and social challenges facing our communities, and more specifically those in our communities who are disadvantaged and vulnerable.

This statement is particularly relevant to SilVR Adventures, as our VR solution is not only improving the lives of older adults, but also providing a new and exciting way for caregivers to interact with them.

SilVR Adventures is a great example of how technology can be used for good, and we are thrilled to be recognized by Optus as a Future Maker. The use of VR in the aged care industry is still in its infancy, but SilVR Adventures is ever-growing and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. With the support of Optus and the Future Makers program, we hope to make a big impact in the lives of older adults and caregivers alike.

The program will include a pitch night where the Future Makers will have the opportunity to pitch for funding to a wider audience. This will be a great opportunity for the participants to showcase their VR platform and its potential impact on the aged care industry.


Making A Change Together

Optus is committed to supporting innovation and Australian start-ups as it continues to commit its resources and guidance to its future makers. Through the Future Makers program, Optus is investing in the next generation of socially responsible and innovative companies, like SilVR Adventures, where we use technology to make a positive impact on society.

With SilVR Adventures being one of the five finalists for Optus’ 2022 Future Makers program, we are thrilled to be recognized for our innovation and impactful use of virtual reality technology in the aged care industry.

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