Making loneliness a thing of the past: Next-generation tech opens a world of possibilities

SilVR Adventures: Making loneliness a thing of the past.

Aged Care News are the latest to celebrate SilVR’s exciting innovations, giving insight into the breadth of experiences that virtual reality can offer to help combat feelings of isolation, loneliness and mental health challenges within our older population. The physical and mental wellbeing of our aged care residents continues to decline, largely due to limited social interaction and reduced mental stimulation. Studies show that such limitations can have significant impact on our quality of life.

SilVR Adventures is opening the world to those at risk of succumbing to these negative effects by providing the ability to live out experiences, both new and old, through virtual reality. Whether it’s visiting the Great Pyramids for the first time, or walking down memory lane, SilVR Director Colin Pudsey says there’s something that will resonate with everyone:

“For example, living on a farm, flying planes in the war, working with machinery: they can revisit those experiences. We also have integration, so if a resident wanted to revisit a childhood home, or the church they got married in, or a street that they used to go shopping on, then to be able to revisit these places with their friends with their family.”

Spurred on by heart-warming feedback from the ever-increasing number of aged care residents who have joy returned to their everyday life with virtual reality, SilVR Adventures has hit the ground running in 2023. With constant production of new viewing content, upcoming research into the benefits of VR Therapy on dementia, expansion into disability/community care, and a pilot to trial in prisons, better grab yourself a headset because the future looks bright – no shades required.

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