HelloCare article features SilVR Adventures

HelloCare Article on SilVR Adventures work in Aged Care

The aged care industry publication HelloCare is featuring SilVR Adventures, and we couldn’t be happier about it! 

HelloCare is one of Australia’s leading voices in the health and ageing sector. And ran the story earlier this month about the potential doorways that virtual reality can open for seniors.

The article (which you can read in full here) highlighted the pressing need to address feelings of isolation and loneliness in aged care residents. Particularly given the severity of pandemic related lockdowns through 2020. And it shouts out the successes of SilVR Adventures in improving the lives of older adults through our service.

It also features newly collected data which we gathered with the help of our fantastic clinical partners.

"In a customer satisfaction survey carried out in December 2020, 85% said that SilVR Adventures’ solution helped significantly drive social engagement among residents. A further 88% of customers said SilVR Adventures helped stimulate memories and shared stories among residents. While 82% said they are running group VR sessions at least once a week with the same residents."

- HelloCare , 23/3/2021

These figures are super exciting for us, as it shows that we’re hitting the mark and improving the lives of seniors.

We’re grateful to the HelloCare for their recognition of our successes. And we are still as passionate as ever to improve the lives of seniors through virtual reality.

If you’d like to learn more about the difference virtual reality can make to elders, please contact us here.

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