Podcast, Season 1 -
Episode 6

Ep. 06 Stephanie Bendixsen – Accepting Dementia

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Today we are talking to Stephanie Bendixsen. Stephanie is a TV presenter and author who has worked extensively in video games and technology and is also an Ambassador for Dementia Australia.

Stephanie lost her mom to Alzheimer’s in 2018. Since then she has been sharing her experiences with the disease in the hope of helping people be more prepared to face it than she and her family were.

In this conversation, you are going to hear some very honest truths as Stephanie digs into what she wishes she has done differently in her mom’s final years and what resources are now available to make life easier for people living with dementia.

She also recommends a few video games that have been made about dementia or feature dementia prominently as part of the story and you can find links below. We hope you enjoy this very honest look at dementia with Stephanie Bendixsen.

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Stephanie’s recommendations for games that deal with concepts of dementia or Alzheimer’s:

– Before I Forget – this is the most relevant – it puts you in the position of someone living with Alzheimer’s. 


– Ether One – a little more abstract, you play as someone trying to restore memories to a woman with dementia


– Spiritfarer – a game about the journey to the afterlife, it features a character that has dementia


– Firewatch – the main character’s partner has dementia, he reveals that his struggle to deal with and why he takes a job in a remote location


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