Aged care issues under the spotlight in new podcast series

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Renowned authors, industry leaders and prominent advocates from across Australia and New Zealand are taking to the mic to examine some of the biggest issues in aged care in a new podcast.

Currently halfway through its first series, the Aged Care Enrichment podcast has explored innovation in aged care, the challenges of adapting to a Covd-19 reality and perceptions of dementia, among other topics.

The Aged Care Enrichment podcast is produced by SilVR Adventures, a Melbourne-based start up with the mission of reducing isolation by bringing seniors together through shared experiences in virtual reality.

We wanted to provide a platform for leading figures from across the aged care sector and beyond to share their knowledge and experiences.

“Working to deliver the highest quality of care for seniors takes collaboration and innovation – we hope to contribute to that with the Aged Care Enrichment podcast.”

Each fortnight our host, Ash De Neef, will be talking to some of the most experts and thought leaders working in aged care today, as well as those working to shape how it looks in the future.

Guests on the podcast so far:

Episode 1: Christine Bryden – author and dementia advocate

Diagnosed with early onset dementia in 1995 at the age of 46, Christine Bryden has become a passionate and outspoken dementia advocate, including writing five books on her experiences. Here Christine talks about her work to address the misconceptions around dementia and her fight to the way people with dementia are viewed.

Episode 2: Julianne Parkinson – CEO of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing

Julianne Parkinson is the head of a not-for-profit that helps organisations create and trial products that help older people live and age well. In this episode, Julianne shares new research on how older Australians are adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. She also discusses ways to smooth the transition from care in the home to life in aged care facilities.

Episode 3: Kellie Curtain – journalist and author

Kellie Curtain is the author of the acclaimed What Will I Wear to Your Funeral? – the poignant story of the final weeks of her mother’s life and their conversations together. In a frank and fun conversation, Kellie champions the importance of having difficult conversations around dying and talks about her support of the Advanced Care Planning Week.

Episode 4: Karen Lake – Operations Clinical and Quality Manager for Ryman Healthcare

Karen Lake oversees standards of care, service and safety across Ryman retirement villages. Most recently, Karen has been working on a new model of care for people with dementia. In a wide-ranging conversation, Karen opens up about the ideas that underpin this new model of care and the new innovations that could help tackle the challenges of ageing.

Future guests on the podcast include TV personalities, academics and senior leaders of major care organisations.

All episodes so far can be found at: 

The series is also available on all major podcast and streaming platforms by searching “Aged Care Enrichment” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube and more, and you can subscribe to be notified when future episodes are released.

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