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Above the age of 65, a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or vascular dementia
doubles roughly every 5 years.

Alzheimer’s Society

How can you help residents to reduce the risk of developing dementia?

Keep mentally active

If you can keep your mind stimulated you are likely to reduce your risk of dementia. Regular mental activity throughout a person’s lifetime seems to increase the brain’s ability. This helps build up a ‘cognitive reserve’ and allows the brain to cope better with disease. Find something enjoyable which stimulates your mind, do it regularly and keep doing it.

Be social

There is emerging evidence that keeping socially engaged and having a supportive social network may reduce your dementia risk. It will also make you less prone to depression and more resilient.

Be physically active

Regular moderate physical exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of dementia, raise your cardiovascular health and improve your mental wellbeing.

Benefits For Your Residents


SilVR Adventures programmes engage and connect your residents to the world outside your community.


Group activities and social interactions provide residents with more to look forward to and talk about, helping to develop a happier, healthier community through the force of shared experience.


Opportunities to share stories with family members because VR is fun!


Never stop learning and accomplish bucket list goals from the safety of the group and community.


Virtual Reality sessions can lead to improvements in mental health – through cognitive stimulation, improving mood and reducing agitation and anxiety.


Virtual Reality sessions can lead to improvements in physical health through upper torso, neck and arm movement that is natural when using VR.

Benefits For Your Care Team


Happier residents breed happier staff, and happier staff are more productive and less prone to turnover.


Improved morale and job satisfaction from appreciating that they work for an operator that invests in technology to support resident happiness.


Connecting with residents through these experiences leads to better understanding of personalities and an increased sense of empathy and level of commitment to providing care.

In Summary

SilVR Adventures provides a tangible commitment to innovation and resident happiness.

Communities that offer SilVR Adventures can be differentiated from their competition during the sales process.

The benefits experienced by your caregivers, residents and families, indirectly contribute to your bottom line.

As the aged care industry continues to evolve, market leaders will be defined by their investments in technology and innovation for resident engagement.

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